Roasted Corn with Chili Lime Butter

Roasted Corn with Chili Lime Butter
Recipe by Dragon

I must admit I was someone who would prepare corn by putting it in a big pot of boiling water. Now, the only way I'll eat corn is if it's roasted in it's own husk. Instead of losing flavour in the water, all the wonderful corn goodness stays in the corn. Why would you cook corn any other way? The Chili Lime Butter is a wonderful topping for this corn. I love the colour of the butter and it tastes amazing.

Makes: 4

4 ears of corn still in their husks
1/4 cup butter, softened
zest of one lime
juice of half a lime
1/4 teaspoon dried hot pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon chili powder

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. To a cookie sheet add the corn and set in the middle of the oven. Cook for 35-40 minutes.

3. While the corn is roasting, make the chili butter. Combine the rest of the ingredients and mix until it's well blended.

4. Put the butter in a bowl and refrigerate until the corn is roasted.

5. Carefully remove the husks and silk off the corn and serve immediately with the butter.


Adam said...

Roasted corn is on a whole other playing field than boiling corn. I think people just boil because they don't know better at the time. I used to be in that camp.

Love the look of that melted butter, it just talks to me :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy, great idea wiyh roasting, I bet the roast fragrant add an extra taste too :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm done with the pot of water too.

Deeba PAB said...

I love it roasted...& this butter is divine. Here in India, we roast it over the open flame; & roadside vendors roast it over coal that they fan constantly. This sounds DELICIOUS & full of flavour!!

Natasha said...

Never roasted, but I'll try while it's still in season!

Dragon said...

adam: It really makes it tastes amazing, doesn't it.

zita: The whole kitchen smells great.

noble: A convert!! Yay!

passionate: I need to get to India. :) Can I come visit?

natasha: You won't regret it, my dear.

Anonymous said...

I've never roasted before either but this looks delish.. yummy!

Manger La Ville said...

AWW-- This sounds incredible. I really love the chili butter and lime, now all you need is queso fresco (mexican cheese) and I am in heaven. But I have never roasted the corn in the husk, but after what you have said, I think I have too.

Unknown said...

roasted corn + butter + chilli

i cant have it any other way :)

The Peanut Butter Boy said...

Sounds wonderful! I never get creative enough with corn. I actually prefer it plain, but chili lime butter is certainly a force to be reckoned with. How about a dash of salt on these puppies? Or is it that good that it doesn't need it?

Dee said...

We roast our corn too, but then we just top it with butter and pepper. How boring. The chile lime butter seems so much more interesting. Thanks :)

Hyperion said...

I so agree with you. I wonder how we think alike?

Oh wait: I gave you the idea!!! Where's my credit???

Picture looks amazing. Can't wait to try this.

Lo said...

There is NOTHING like roasted corn!

Amazing picture... makes me want to rush home and do this right now!

Deborah said...

Mmmm, there's nothing better than corn on the cob, and chili lime butter sounds delicious!

jd said...

This is amazing!

Your picture is so prefect that I can almost smell the roasted corn right now...


DocChuck said...

My wife and I (both ex-Texans) have been preparing corn like this for many years.

It is always the "star" of any meal, particularly a Tex-Mex meal.

Chili lime butter is so versatile, and it adds wonderful flavor to many Southwestern dishes.

Thanks for sharing your success.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

The melted butter makes me think of pepper jelly. Do you think using pepper jelly instead of just red pepper flakes would work?

Nic said...

I love my corn like this too and that butter is so delicious. Great photo Dragon!

Angela said...

I'm attending a big family BBQ this weekend and THIS is the recipe I've been looking for. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

chili lime butter sounds wicked! i like corn on the cob, or steamed with loads of butter on it but roasted corn sounds pretty damn amazing as well...that's next up on the list of to-dos :D

Laura Paterson said...

Whey have I never thought about roasting corn before??? Steam, yes... grill, yes... roast? durrr... :-S

And the chilli lime butter is right up my street.

If I can find good corn I'm going to have this for dinner tonight!

Laura Paterson said...

Whey? I mean why!

As in, why can't I type properly today!

Dragon said...

girl japan: You love it.

manger: Queso fresco sound great!

rita: roasted corn + butter + chilli = delicious

nick: I didn't need any salt with these because I used salted butter.

dee: You're welcome.

hyperion: Yes you were the one who first introduced me to roasted corn. Thanks, dude!

lo: Just obey the speed limit.

deborah: It is!

jd: Thanks!

docchuck: You're welcome!

nate-n-annie: Pepper jelly sounds great.

nicisme: Thanks!

angela: Have a great time!

diva: You'll love it.

kittie: Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Roasting in its husk is definitely the way to go. Love the topping.. reminds me of delicious mexican street food.

test it comm said...

I really like the sound of spiced corn on tne cob.

Jeanne said...

Embarrassing admission alert - I love corn but have never had it roasted! OK, I have had it done on the BBQ grill, but cetainly never roasted in its own husk in the oven! This is inspiring, particularly with the spicy butter.

Stephany Benbow said...

This looks amazingly mouth watering!

Jeanne said...

Hey - I finally got round to making this, and it was FAB!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

As much as I love having corn on the cob, I must admit getting bits stuck between my teeth annoys me endlessly. Fresh corn is definitely the way to go, but I prefer to cut the kernels off and fry them lightly in butter in a pan. Next time I'll add lime and chili!

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