Herbed Goat Cheese, Tomato & Basil Salad with Basil-Thyme Vinaigrette

Herbed Goat Cheese, Tomato & Basil Salad with Basil-Thyme Vinaigrette
Recipe by Dragon

My herbs are overflowing in my garden right now and I'm taking full advantage of this. This recipe highlights Basil and it's BFF, Thyme. This is an elegant and flavourful salad. The vinaigrette compliments the goat cheese beautifully. Enjoy.

Serves: 4

Salad Ingredients:

12 slices of tomato
12 slices of herbed goat cheese
16 basil leaves
Basil-Thyme Vinaigrette (recipe below)
Thyme sprigs to garnish

1. On each place start with a basil leave, top with a tomato slice then top with a goat cheese slice. Repeat 2 additional times and finish with a final basil leaf.

2. Sprinkle with a little fresh ground pepper. Drizzle vinaigrette on the salad. Garnish with a thyme sprig.

Basil-Thyme Balsamic Vinaigrette
Recipe by Dragon

Makes: 1 cup

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon fresh basil leaves, minced
1/2 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, minced
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 cup olive oil (you may need more depending on strength of your vinegar)

1. In a small jar with a tight fitting lid, combine vinegar, basil, thyme, mustard, salt and pepper. Shake well. Add oil and shake vigorously until well combined.

2. Keep in the fridge for up to a week.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect salad, I love the herbs!

test it comm said...

That salad looks nice and fresh and summery and good!

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum. There isn't a salad better than that.

Thistlemoon said...

I always have a jar of fresh homemade pesto mixed with olive oil and balsamic. It is a GREAT summer dressing. I bet the thyme in yours is great too!

Mansi said...

looks like you love Goat cheese! my hubby's favorite too:) this looks great:) maybe you can send this salad to my healthy cooking event!:)

Peter M said...

Dragon, it's a pleasure to see another quality blogger from nearby. This salald is composed, simple and ya know it's delish.

I'll be back...

Anonymous said...

lucky you. i'm battling to get mine to grow on my windowsill. too much rain and not enough sunshine

Dragon said...

Noble: Thank you. My basi and thyme are really good this year. I lucked out.

Kevin: Don't you just love summer?

Lobster: Thanks!

Jen: With the abundance of basil I have I'll be making pesto soon too.

Mansi: I was thinking about submitting this one.

Peter: Awww, thanks!

Vanielje: I had the same problem last year. The weather is perfect for them this year.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you could stack all of that up and put it in some bread and make a nifty sandwich. (Or add some bacon and make it a sophisticated club.)

Jeanne said...

Love the sound of that dressing - and can there be a better combo of flavours than this salad?

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