Chocolate-Glazed Chocolate Tart

Chocolate-Glazed Chocolate Tart
Recipe by Paul Grimes

My friends celebrated their wedding anniversary over the weekend. We had a small get together for them and I was asked to bring a sexy dessert. I knew it had to be a chocolate. Chocolate screams sexy. I remembered a dessert I had seen at, a Chocolate-Glazed Chocolate Tart. "A triple layer of crumbly crust, a truffle-like interior, and an almost patent-leather-shiny glaze." A sexy, sexy tart that looked impressive and was easy to make.

I decided to garnish the tart with strawberries and serve it with a strawberry coulis. The sweetness of the strawberry coulis paired nicely with the richness of the chocolate. There wasn't much talking during dessert, just a few mmmm's, ahhhh's and sighs. I think it was a winner. Enjoy!

Serves 8 to 10

9 (5- by 21/4-inch) chocolate graham crackers (not chocolate-covered), finely ground (1 cup)
5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy cream
9 oz bittersweet chocolate (not more than 65% cacao if marked), chopped
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons heavy cream
1 3/4 oz bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 teaspoon light corn syrup
1 tablespoon warm water
Strawberries, hulled and sliced in half
Strawberry Coulis (recipe below)

1. Preheat oven to 350°F with rack in middle.

2. Stir together all ingredients and press evenly onto bottom and 3/4 inch up side of a 9-inch round fluted tart pan (1 inch deep) with removable bottom. Bake until firm, about 10 minutes. Cool on a rack 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Bring cream to a boil, then pour over chocolate in a bowl and let stand 5 minutes. Gently stir until smooth. Whisk together eggs, vanilla, and salt in another bowl, then stir into melted chocolate.

4. Pour filling into cooled crust. Bake until filling is set about 3 inches from edge but center is still wobbly, 20 to 25 minutes. (Center will continue to set as tart cools.) Cool completely in pan on rack, about 1 hour.

5. Bring cream to a boil and remove from heat. Stir in chocolate until smooth. Stir in corn syrup, then warm water. Pour glaze onto tart, then tilt and rotate tart so glaze coats top evenly. Let stand until glaze is set, about 1 hour.

Cooks’ note: Tart is best the day it is made but can be made, without glaze, 1 day ahead and chilled. Bring to room temperature before glazing.

Strawberry Coulis
Recipe by Dragon

Makes: 2 cups

1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons water
3 mint leaves
1 12oz bag frozen strawberries, thawed
1 tablespoon Framboise (Raspberry liquor)

1. Heat the sugar, water and mint leaves in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir occasionally until the sugar dissolves completely. This takes about 5-7 minutes. Remove the mint leaves.

2. Combine the strawberries and sugar syrup in a blender and puree.

3. Strain the strawberry mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds. Stir the Framboise into the coulis.

4. The coulis will keep in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. Keep it tightly covered.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm drooling.... That tart looks so scrumptious! A delightful treat!



Sara said...

This looks totally amazing! So chocolate-y and delicious... :) :)

Deeba PAB said...

I've been waiting for this Paula. Was here to check yesterday too. Divine goodness in a tart...wish that last slice was for moi! Sounds quite easy to make too...YUM!!

Anonymous said...

This chocolate tart does look absolutely amazing! So good with strawberries, very decadent!

Anonymous said...

That look SO gorgeous and decadant that I literally dropped my keyboard in haste to oooh and ahh over it! I made something similar on the outside, except with raspberries, which you'll see up on my blog in about two weeks! :) BTW, your photos are stunning!

Finla said...

This one is a realy paradise for a chocolate lover like me :-)

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, wooww looks tooo divine!!!

Emily said...

YUM, that tart does look sexy! Gosh I love chocolate. Looks great.

pigpigscorner said...

The tart is gorgeous!! So dense and chocolatey!

Pearl said...

that tart looks delicious!

maybelle's mom said...

wow that is one amazing chocolate tart. It looks sinful.

Adam said...

Do I have to get married to deserve things like this? Any takers :)

Great job, I like you mentioned the eating in silence, that's just enjoyment :)

Madam Chow said...

This sounds marvelous. And brown is hard to photograph, yet you did a fantastic job!

Juliana said...

This chocolate cake looks so goood! Rich, moist and very tasty with the strawberry coulis...yummie! Great pictures!

Shelley Kubitz Mahannah said...

that looks fabulous and very sexy. :) I might have to make that for a romantic dinner with the hubby.


Creative Classroom Core said...

This is almost too beautiful to eat! GORGEOUS!

Maria said...

Yep, that is one sexy dessert! Love it!

Cindy H said...

Holy Cow,
I hope you run that one by us again on Valentine's Day! Oh wait, it's tough to get those beautiful strawberries in February! dang!
Beauty photography. Feel like I could eat it right off the page!
Brown Sugar

KennyT said...

I must have this cake for my birthday! Sooooooooooo beautiful and I am sure it's super chocolicious!

Sara said...

What a beautiful tart! I am still pretty new to tart making, but I definitely want to try this one.

♥ mesa para 4 said...

Just perfect...excellent choice :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, yes. That is a sexy dessert. What a great looking tart. It sounds very delicious.

Wolf said...

That looks awesome!

Debbie said...

Your chocolate tart looks fantastic. There is nothing in my book that tops chocolate!! The strawberries almost look like little pretty!

Amanda @ Mrs.W's Kitchen said...

That's one gorgeous tart! There's just something about chocolate & strawberries, isn't there? The freshness cuts through the richness of the custard just so. Love the glaze, too. Perfect.

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

What a sexy chocolate tart for sure even without the glaze and the strawberries, must be wonderful!!

Big Kudos for you :)



Megan said...

The only thing better then this tart would be this tart with my name in the middle and delivered to my door. Sexy? Oh yea babe!

Jacque said...

Ooh, yes, chocolate + strawberries = sexy!!

Perfect choice. It looks lucious!

veggievixen said...

gotta love the double chocolate. i've never made fruit coulis but have wanted to!! i think it would be good on cheesecake too. yummmm

Soma said...

That is so decadent.. even without anything. the coulis makes it luxurious.

Jamie said...

Wow! Perfect, luscious, sinful chocolate tart! Sexy is right.

Denise said...

This is a super sexy desert, my husband who loves, chocolate, would adore this and sing my praises if i made it. I am bookmarking

Peter M said...

The strawberry Coulis is a must here. Take a bite, you get tart strawberries, bitter chocolate and that sweet Coulis...I want to bathe in it! ;)

Heather S-G said...

Oh man, that IS sexy. That and a glass of bubbly...meeeoooowww.

NKP said...

That is indeed sexy! Did you have it with bubbly? With your heels on..?

Patsyk said...

Gorgeous! I love that the strawberries look like a ring of hearts around the tart. Too perfect!

Resh said...

love the tart!!!! i left you an award on my blog. Snatch it. I LOVE your blog, thought id pass it on to you too :)

Chou said...

I must agree with the sexy sexy sexy. BTW, I love that your occupation listing on blogger is warrier princess. Must rethink my approach to life.

Karine said...

That looks so good! You made a good choice of dessert!

Kerstin said...

That is one sexy and decadent tart! You know it's good when no one is talking :) Love it!

chocolatecup said...

this is defintely on my to bake list:) it looks sooooo sexy!:P

Parita said...

Oh my this tart is chocolate heaven, I am like glued to the monitor right now!!

SteamyKitchen said...


i want.

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