Chocolate Macarons Filled With Coffee Cream Cheese

Chocolate Macarons Filled With Coffee Cream Cheese
Shells adapted from Tartelette's recipe
Filling recipe by Dragon

I'm obsessed with macarons these days. Good thing there is always an excuse to make them. Today these Chocolate Macarons filled with Coffee Cream Cheese are for Deeba and Jamie's Mac Attack2.

I took these lovelies to work and they were my co-workers' first macarons. It was love at first bite. Now they want more...d'oh! Good thing I'm obsessed with perfecting them. Enjoy!

Makes: 24

For the macaron shells:
3 tablespoons (25 gr) Dutch-processed cocoa powder
1/2 cup (50 gr) ground almonds
1 1/2 cup (150 gr) powdered sugar
3 large egg whites
5 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the filling:
4oz package of cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons prepared strong coffee, cold

Prepare the macarons:

1. In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites to a foam, gradually add the sugar and vanilla until you obtain a glossy meringue. Do not overbeat your meringue or it will be too dry.

2. Place the almonds, powdered sugar and cocoa powder in a food processor and give them a good pulse until the nuts are finely ground. Sift the mixture and add it to the meringue, give it a quick fold to break some of the air and then fold the mass carefully until you obtain a batter that falls back on itself after counting to 10.

3. Give quick strokes at first to break the mass and slow down. The whole process should not take more than 50 strokes. Test a small amount on a plate: if the tops flattens on its own you are good to go. If there is a small beak, give the batter a couple of turns.

4. Fill a pastry bag with the batter and pipe small rounds (1.5 inches in diameter) onto parchment paper or silicone mats lined baking sheets. Preheat the oven to 350F. Let the macarons sit out for 30 minutes to an hour to harden their shells a bit and bake for 10-12 minutes, depending on their size. Let cool.

5. For the filling: Beat together softened butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add the coffee. Gradually beat in powdered sugar until you get the desire consistency.

6. To assemble the macarons, pipe or spoon some of the filling in the center of one shell and top with another one.


Priya Suresh said...

Gorgeous Macraons...tempting!

pigpigscorner said...

wow your macarons are so pretty! The filling looks great!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

What gorgeous macarons. I'm not sure if I've ever eaten a macaron. Looks like I'm missing something special.

Peter M said...

Your efforts were well should now be a Macarena er, Macaron expert! ;)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

They look really perfect! I bet they also taste divine...



vanillasugarblog said...

Oh girl those came out perfectly!

Maria said...

You are a mac pro! Love these!

Nic said...

Your macs are beautiful!

Jamie said...

They are perfect and so pretty! Thanks for joining us and offering such scrumptious macs!

Christie @ Fig&Cherry said...

Gorgeous! They're so perfectly smooth! I'm very inspired to make these now, thank you! :)

Muneeba said...

Pretty pretty macarons .. I think you might have my name on some of you! Would you like to come by my place around tea-time tomorrow?! ;)

Barbara Bakes said...

Your macs are perfect! And I love the way you piped your filling! Well done!

NKP said...

They look so perfect! I really want to try these one day.

pierre said...

hello dragon
they are perfect and macarons are very trendy here in France !!
cheers from Paris Pierre

Deeba PAB said...

Gosh Paula...this is true love at first bite. Am so glad you joined Mac Tweets. Wow, cannot believe this is your first attempt. Love how perfect you got them, and love your flavour combination too.
Mail me some...pretty please??

Anonymous said...

Your macarons look perfect! And the coffee filling sounds delicious.

mamatkamal said...

These macarons are PERFECT! I love the filling.

Ana Powell said...

Absolutely divine and delicious.
Excellent macarons.
Wishing you a lovely Christmas x

Karine said...

Your macarons look stunning! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa said...

Your macarons turned out gorgeous and the combo of chocolate amd coffee cream cheese sounds delicious. Have a wonderful holiday!

Megan said...

Beautiful feet! A perfect set of macs! Makes me want to try these cookies again. Your inspiring!

Hyperion said...

If cannoli is the plural, then the plural of Macaron should be Macaroni.

Chef Deb said...

Hi Paula,

Your mararons look divine. I've been pining to make them myself since gorging on them in Paris last year.

But, I'm no baker.

So, a few questions...
~ Did you actually weight your dry ingredients for the batter?
~ How long did you let the piped mararons sit on the sheet pan before you baked them off... a half hour or the entire hour? If it was an hour, was it necessary to preheat the oven so soon?

Sorry for these lame questions but I really want these babies to turn out at perfect as yours.



Chef Deb

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