Aged Cheeses, Bread and Spiced Olive Oil

Aged Cheeses, Bread and Spiced Olive Oil

When I think of sloth, I think slow & lazy. For this course, I wanted it to be easy for me; not much effort required in preparing and serving. I decided that cheese is the perfect food. No preparation required; just put it on a plate and serve. Cheese owes its very existence to sloth. The best cheeses literally sit around for a long time. Blue cheeses are so lazy that they collect mold!

I chose two aged cheeses; the first was a sharp five-year-old white cheddar and the second was a rich Danish blue cheese.
I also added to my platter some thinly sliced baguette and some flavored olive oil for dipping. Do not make the olive oil dip, that would not be slothful. There are many delicious olive oils available in any good super market or specialty food shop. The one I choose had olive oil, shallots, peppercorns and merlot.

This one is so easy and lazy that there is no recipe involved. It is that easy.

We enjoyed the cheese & bread with a 10 year old Dela Force Tawny Port. Port wine and cheese are a wonderful combination.

A CONFESSION: One of the guests confessed to waking up one morning to discover that they were all out of clean underwear, so they decided to go to fresco. Too much information. no?

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